Cash Management Services

What is it?

Islamic bank of Afghanistan offers cash management services to make banking easier for its clients. With the help of electronic channels, our bank is doing what needs to be done with efficiency and reduced costs.

How it works?

We provide our cash management services to all of your finance requirements with a single solution to optimize your capital flow. IBAF also ensures effective handling of your business activities.

How will it benefit you?

  • Comprehensive online services through IBAFG digital and mobile banking services.
  • Solutions are customized to fulfill your needs regardless of your business scale.
  • Increasing number of services and solutions to cater the future demands of our customers.
  • Pioneered business banking services in the Afghanistan.
  • Cash management professionals dedicated to offering strong customer relationships with clients to meet their requirements and offer the right banking solutions.


Islamic bank of Afghanistan allows you to easily centralize your payments. In the competitive business environment, it has become challenging for a business to handle its capital and to maintain liquidity. Keeping this in mind, IBAFG have created a comprehensive and completely organized payments method that expands costs and enhances direct processing.

Through our comprehensive payment system, you can now make a use of broad range of payment mediums both paper based and electronic.


Islamic bank of Afghanistan offers its customers an advanced payment platform to carry on transactions in single and bulk form. Through the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, you can also gain host-to-host connections. Complementing the payments structure, IBAFG offer you real-time access to your account details. This will help you in maintaining a clear view of your businesses daily cash positions, and enable you to make more effective decisions for your extra money.

Cheque Issuance

IBAFG customers’ can ask for corporate cheque issuance in single or bulk forms. Our dedicated Cash Management processing system will print the cheques with or without clients’ digital signatures as per their requirements.

Inter Bank Funds Transfer

Islamic bank of Afghanistan link portal also offers its customers to transfer funds through Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) quickly between banks without any trouble. Through this solution customers can transfer funds from their account to any other 1Link member banks throughout Afghanistan.


Efficient Receivables – collections are important for every business. A company needs to offer as many options to its clients as possible for receivables. Business need to be able to accept payments through range of payment mediums. Islamic bank of Afghanistan offers a range of services created to fulfill the emerging demands of today’s highly complex businesses.

Flawless Integration

Islamic bank of Afghanistan collection services will decrease your overall collection charges and expand your working capital. Through our collections services, we offer our clients with a transaction information area from where you can get transactional details from anywhere, anytime. IBAFG collection services also offer support to its customers in developing their businesses.

Our expert team will enable our customers to:
  • Get collections across the country
  • Receive online collections
  • Control their incoming capital flows and predict future streams
  • Automate their billing procedures

Personalized Deposit Receipts

Islamic bank of Afghanistan presents an easy way for the business firms who face collection challenges. Mostly used by businesses having decentralized control over their stores because of remoteness of their locations. Through IBAFG broad branch network, vendors can deposit cash into the company’s account from any IBAFG branch.

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