1. Western Union - Our Alliance

Western Union is a global leader in international money Transfer Company. For more than 160 years, Western Union has been connecting people. Helps consumers and businesses send money quickly and reliably in just few minutes. It offers services through more than 410,000 Agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Islamic Bank of Afghanistan provides international funds transfer from any part of the world through Western Union Money Transfer Services and it’s not necessary for the sender or receiver to have bank account.

How to Transfer?
  • Visit any Islamic bank of Afghanistan branch of our alliances
  • Follow the Funds Transfer procedure
  • Get the secret MTCN and receipt
  • Pass the secret MTCN to the receiver

To get money, the receiver will have to visit any Western Union branch, show their Identification and fill out a simple form with the secret MTCN and collect the amount in their local currency and international currency (USD).

2. Remittance

You are our first priority, no matter how big or small your banking needs may be, IBAFG promises to provide you the best services. Feel free to call for any further queries.

3. SWIFT for International Remittances

SWIFT -The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication runs a worldwide network by which messages concerning financial transactions are exchanged among member banks and Financial Institutions.

Islamic Bank of Afghanistan as a member of SWIFT community provides the facility of safe and secure Money transfer / Receive / Send money from / to any part of the world at nominal charges and also IBA can send your payment by AED, CNY, and INR to their home country by their currencies.

IBA can send Euro to all over the world through SWIFT services.

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