Payroll / Salary Process

Islamic Bank of Afghanistan Payroll Department services offers business and non-Business (Governmental) customers with a streamlined payroll management services through cutting –edge processing technology to reduce expensive errors related with conventional payroll processing.

The Payroll Department of the Islamic Bank of Afghanistan has been able, since 2014, to take over programs and services to facilitate the timely payment of salaries to the respectable Governmental and non-governmental employees.

Currently more than 100,000 employees are benefiting the modern salary disbursement services of the Islamic Bank of Afghanistan at the lowest charges rates in the country and earn Halal Profit.

We are ready to provide services throughout the country via our wide plans to spread these services to distant districts and villages.

Benefits for you
  • Free of charges Salary Account Opening
  • Save Your Salary & Earn Halal Profit
  • Reduced Efforts & Cost
  • Easy Payroll to Employees
  • Organized Operation
  • Automated process Technology
  • Free ATM card with No annual Fee

Fareed Tahiry/Head of Department
Mobile: 0792 99 00 71

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