Key Departements

Operations Department

The popular image of operation is one of slick, fast-moving back office support. But it can only work if the right processes are in place to back them up. That’s where Operations comes in. A core function of Operations is to control and manage the processing of transactions made by various other departments/branches of the bank. Operations are a non-revenue making department but it couldn’t be more vital. In helping to streamline the processes used by the front office (the revenue generating part of the bank) it can save the bank millions. An operation also oversees many regulatory requirements of the bank, as well as resolving discrepancies occurred during transactions processing. In summary, it shouldn’t be surprising that Operations is often viewed as the engine of the bank. It works across the whole organization to meet the operational challenges of processing transactions, settling trades and satisfying the needs of colleagues and clients across multiple time zones in all major currencies. In a bank this is a huge undertaking with responsibility for millions of transactions every day.

Centralized Operations:
Operation Department is headed by a Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Operating Officer. For any enquires on operational issues such as:
  • 1. Branches related service delivery issues.
  • 2. Remittance Inward/Outward and Clearing settlement.
  • 3. Treasury Operations.
  • 4. Western Union.
You may reach to the following official:
Mr.Javed Ahmad Zahiri
Deputy Chief Operating Officer.
Mobile No: + (93)0792440011
Mr. Adul Mateen Khepelwak
Deputy Chief Operating Officer.
Mobile No: + (93) 792550066

Islamic bank of Afghanistan’s marketing department provides essential assistance to the bank, with relevant, effective and targeted promotional ideas for existing products and services and also propose innovative ideas for new products and services as well. marketing department comprise of business development/sales sections, media management, call center, public relations, customer service manager and customer relationship officers, and is being led by deputy CMO. For further information kindly contact.

Mohammad Saleem Rahimi
Deputy Chief Marketing Officer
Mobile No :+( 93) 0792990099

IT Department

IT Department PDF Print E-mail Information Technology is the back bone of modern banking. Islamic Bank of Afghanistan has dedicated professional team of 10+IT staff I.T department is headed by a Manager (I.T) and guided by an I.T Adviser. I.T department of the Bank is providing all kinds of latest technology to the Bank
For any I.T /Network related issues please contact:

Abdul Qayum Karimi
IT Manager

Mobile No: +(93) 792990088

Contact person:

Qurban Ali Hussaini

Deputy Chief Credit Officer

Mobile No :+(93) 0792990050
Risk Management

Risk Management Department is one of the key Department of IBA which mainly focuses on Credit risk, Operational risk, Market risk and Shariah Compliance risk in line with DAB, Basel and IFSB related guidelines. The Department is running by well experienced and professional staff. For more information you may contact:
Mr. Khanullah Yousufzai

Risk Manager
Cell: +93 (0) 792990073



Finance Department takes care of the following :

Accounting and Finalization of the Financials Reporting to Shareholders Management Reporting to Top Management Regulatory Reporting to Central Bank and other Government Authorities Budgeting and Payments for Capital and Revenue Expenses and Monitoring of incomes, expenses and General Ledger. Capital Taxation External Audit The department is headed by Chief Finance Officer and is supported by the Finance Manager and a young talented team. For information relating to Bank’s Financial Statements, you may please contact:

The department is headed by Chief Finance Officer and is supported by the Finance Manager and a young talented team. For information relating to Bank’s Financial Statements, you may please contact:
Nilab Ghafari
Finance Manager
Islamic Bank of Afghanistan
Mobile : +93 (0) 792 990 055
Email :

Islamic Bank of Afghanistan has a full-fledged Internal Audit Department consisting of a Chief Internal Auditor, a Deputy Chief Internal Auditor and eleven young Audit Officers. The Internal Audit Department assists and supports the Bank in meeting its objectives and goals by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the risk management, control and governance processes. Internal Audit advises Management on the adequacy of the system of internal controls and the effectiveness of the Risk Management process. It provides an independent and objective assurance to the Board Audit Committee. Internal Audit Department's Policy and Procedures are formally documented and approved and aligned with standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors in line with international standards of Audits. The staff of Internal Audit Department is qualified and possesses experience in all areas of banking activity. The following officials may be contacted in case of need:

Ashraf Hossain Chaklader
Chief Internal Auditor
Mobile: (+93) 792 440033

Mr. Ahmad Ramin Faizad
Deputy Chief Internal Auditor
Mobile: (+93) 792 990022

Mr. Ahmad Ramin Faizad
Deputy Chief Internal Auditor
Mobile: (+93) 792 990022

Human Resources

For the success of any organization, Human Capital is considered as the key factor. We recognize that our Human Resources are the most important asset and it is upon their commitment and effort that the bank depends on for its continuous prosperity and success. HR department of the Islamic Bank of Afghanistan trust on talent management, training and development and career management and planning. To ensure this, HR department has kept the door of its Training Academy opened throughout the year, and has conducted numerous short and long run professional trainings in different areas. Career management has been the jest of the said department and promotes a great number of employees each year to different senior positions. The department is headed by Head HR department, and supported by a dedicated team consist of department’s deputy head, training and development head, and other key members.
The department can be contacted by email:

Compliance Department

Compliance Department
Compliance department is an independent department it ensures that the Bank complies with applicable laws, regulations and rules, and it plays an essential role in helping to preserve the integrity and reputation of the bank. And also prevents the use of financial institution from money laundering and financing of Terrorism. Besides; it's responsible for reporting to FinTRACA/Central Bank, monitoring of AML/CFT and KYC, rules and regulation and observing all KYC norms. The department is headed by Chief Compliance Officer and has 9 skilled staff in head office, as well as a Compliance Officer + CSO in all branches which report their day-to-day activities on monthly basis to Head Office for further analysis. For more details or any issues, please contact: Mr. Islamuddin Haqiqat
Chief Compliance Officer
Phone: 0093 (0) 776 99 99 09

ATM Department

ATM Department
ATM department is one of the key departments in Islamic Bank of Afghanistan. It provides the electronic banking facility to Bank’s customers. This department is responsible for new ATM Installation in branch premises as well as at offsite locations. ATM team is processing the INSTA/Debit card and PIN mailer requests of various branches within stipulated time, So that bank’s customer can use their INSTA/Debit cards easily or whenever they want. ATM department takes care of ATM usage, Cash reconciliation and transaction disputes related issue. The department is headed by Alternate Delivery Channel (ADC) Head and is supported by the ADC Officer and a young talented team. For information relating to ATM, INSTA/Debit Cards, you may please contact:
Mr. Basharmal Ghafari
Acting ADC Head
Islamic Bank of Afghanistan
Mobile: +93 (0) 729801238