Letter of Guarantee

Letter of Guarantee

In order to facilitate business, Islamic Bank of Afghanistan offers Shariah-compliant guarantee facility to its customers where the Bank provides different types of payment and performance guarantees on behalf of the customer.

Guarantee (Kafalah (Surety)) Facility

  • Performance Guarantees
  • Advance Payment Guarantees
  • Bid Guarantees
  • Guarantee for Release of Retention Money
  • Credit Sales Guarantees


Bid bond guarantee is offered to secure fee of security deposit (bid security) when your business is bidding in a tender. Acting upon your order, Islamic Bank of Afghanistan accepts to pay in support of the organizer of the tender the amount of bid security. Bid Bonds are further categorized into:
  • Performance Bond
  • Mobilization Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Guarantee for Release of Retention Money
  • Credit Purchase Guarantee
Payment Guarantees are written documents issued by the Islamic Bank of Afghanistan at the request of the buyer to the seller under the agreement, guaranteeing the buyer will complete the payment obligations under the agreement to purchase goods, technology, exclusive rights or labor.
The IBA issues all types of letters of guarantee related to trade finance, projects and constructions as well as all other financial guarantees which cover all types of liabilities of the customer.

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