Under Murabaha Finance Facility, upon specific request of the Customer, the Bank shall make available certain / requested amount of funds from pre-approved limit for a specific period of time.
Murabaha Finance Transaction can either be a cash sale (spot Murabaha), or a credit sale (deferred payment Murabaha),or a combination of both.


  • Easy and convenient solution to meet working capital requirements.
  • For the acquisition of tangible asset (movable/immovable)
  • Commodities, stores and spare parts Equipments.
  • be limited to the specified assets and not to the whole enterprise or business.

Sub Products Under Murabaha

  1. Murabahah / Murabahah to the Purchase Orderer
    1. Spot Murabahah
    2. Deferred Payment Murabahah
  2. Murbahah LC facility