What is Salam?

Salam facilitates businesses involved in agricultural and industrial production or trade and the like. They need working capital in the form of either cash or goods. Hence, Salam meets immediate needs for liquidity because it gives the seller flexibility in using the sale proceeds (before the commodity is delivered) and the opportunity to arrange for the purchased commodity and its delivery to the buyer at the date of delivery.


How does it work?

Since the Salam contract deals with the delivery of an asset which is not in existence, it creates a moral obligation on the Salam seller to deliver the goods. The Salam contract cannot be cancelled once signed. Salam is most commonly used to meet the financing requirements of Agriculture industry.

Within a Salam contract, our bank will offer financing services for the production of agricultural commodities, minerals, commercial/industrial ventures and export. The contract shall be limited to the specified commodities and not to the whole business or enterprise.

How will it benefit you?

  • Salam contract enables you to engage in large-scale economic activities.
  • It allows a future delivery of a commodity or asset at a reduced cost.

To whom it is offered?



Sole proprietorships


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