SMS Alert

SMS Alert
At Islamic Bank of Afghanistan we have always taken the lead in enabling various alternate channels to keep you informed on your banking relationship with Islamic Bank of Afghanistan. Mobile Alert comes with nominal fee that keeps you on top of your Account/s wherever you are via SMS alerts.
Available Services
• Notification SMS alert is sent on your mobile when any transaction takes place in your account.
Services Coming soon...
  • Important information is delivered quickly and efficiently helping you maximize the value of your banking relationship.
  • Updates on your Account Balance on a weekly or fortnightly basis
  • Notifications about when your salary is credited to your account
  • Information about any discrepancies in cheque payments
  • Notification of any inward remittances
  • Updates on transactions conducted under your Standing Instructions
  • For more information please contact to our nearest branch.

Digital Banking:

  1. ATM Facilities
  2. Internet Banking Facilities
  3. Online (Branch to Branch) Banking Facilities
  4. Mobile / SMS Banking Facilities
  5. Mobile Wallet Banking (Being launched)
  6. POS Machines (Being launched)