Islamic bank of Afghanistan establishes a strong link with your business through completely Shariah compliant banking services. The wide range of easy and progressive financial channels makes it a favorite choice of our customers. We offer an easy method of excellent and responsible corporate banking combined with a fresh and practical approach towards your business.

Our expert and qualified Relationship Managers will offer seamless and dedicated services with appropriate e-services for all your corporate banking requirements.

IBA believes in moving forward with you together.

Available Products

  • Spot Trading: Spot deals involve the buying and selling of currencies with settlement in two trading days.
  • Fixed Forward: Involves the buying and selling of currencies with settlement at a future date at a rate fixed today.
  • Flexible Forward: Involves the buying and selling of currencies with settlement within a future time frame at a rate fixed today.
  • Currency Futures: The contract gives the owner the right to buy or sell a currency at an agreed price on agreed date.

Shariah Compliant Money Market Services

Islamic Bank of Afghanistan Money Market Services is an open Shariah Compliant Money Market Service managed by our bank.

IBA aim for Shariah Compliant Money Market Services is to seek increased liquidity, optimum preservation of wealth and competitive return on investments through low-risk Shariah compliant services.

How will it benefit you?

  • Perfect for investors who try to gain a Shariah compliant short-term benefit and want to preserve their savings liquidity.
  • Minimum investment requirement
  • Low-level risk

Shariah Compliant Foreign Exchange Services

With an expert team of foreign exchange professionals, Islamic bank of Afghanistan offers its customers seamless and smart access to foreign exchange markets. Our team is always available to guide you in offering market updates and to implement transactions as per your needs in line with the Shariah principles.

How will it benefit you?

  • Professional guidance: IBA offers a comprehensive range of services for customers seeking guidance on their foreign exchange requirements.
  • Comprehensive services: Our services include all the important currencies as well as exchange and payment provisions in various emerging and developed market currencies.
  • Flexibility: We also offer the flexibility of orders where customers can let us know the level of transactions and we implement their orders if and when that level is active in the market.

To whom it is offered?



Sole proprietorships


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